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There is a strange character.
He speaks in his own language and has a wild imagination, so he envisions his juggling balls to be alive.
They are his best friends and they follow his orders. Just sometimes not.
He tries to train them and to tame them. He praises and loves them.
Are they human? Are they animals? Where is his favorite ball „Nubi“? We don't know.
Most importantly: He and and they can talk about everything and everyone has a place to sit.


Elias Oechsner

About Me

Elias was born in Germany in 1994. Bavaria to be precise. He learned how to juggle as a teenager and soon became hooked on it. Juggling was Elias‘ first step into circus. Attending Codarts Circus Arts after secondary school widened his horizon. There was a lot more to learn than juggling seven balls and dance; theatre and clowning became part of his passion. After graduating in Rotterdam with a „Bachelor Of Arts“ he continued his studies at the famous circus school „Le Lido“ in Toulouse, France. In May 2019, Elias became third at the international circus festival „Young Stage“ in Basel with his clownesque juggling act „Heppa“. He currently works as a solo performer and together with Christian König and Mikail Karahan as „Compagnie Wurst“.



The act „Heppa“ exists in different versions. It was nominated for the „BNG Bank Circusprice“. In may 2019 it won the „Bronze Star“ at „Young Stage – International Circus Festival“ and in 2021 the "Freiburger Leiter".

Outside eye: Arthur Rosenfeld, Morgan Cosquer
Music: Gidon Oechsner


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For more information or requests you can contact Elias by phone or e-mail.

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