Mr. Eliaus Heppa is the world's only juggling ball tamer, a Beethoven fan and truly lives in his own world.

His background story: Dramatic - traumatic experiences in his early childhood left him speechless and the only thing that helped him was to escape into his imagination.

He plays with his balls like dolls on stage, and off stage they are his family:
Uwe, Ludwig Van, Siegfried and Freud. They are all there. Only sometimes they disappear.

Once in front of an audience, however, this constellation turns into a wild dressage act and the childlike Eliaus becomes a teacher-esque animal tamer. Admittedly with a falsetto voice.

With the aim of becoming international variety stars, Eliaus and his ‘Heppa Family’ are ready to knock you off your feet!

"Heppa" exists in different versions.
The act was nominated for the "BNG Bank Circus Prize" in 2018, won the "Bronze Star" at the international circus festival "Young Stage" in 2019 and the "Freiburger Leiter" at the "Internationale Kulturbörse Freiburg" in 2021.

Dramaturgy: Morgan Cosquer, Arthur Rosenfeld | Music: Gidon Oechsner

TRAILER 2018    

Elias Oechsner

About Elias

Born in Raisting am Ammersee, he currently lives in the south of France, Toulouse. He started juggling as a teenager and simply couldn't stop. He dared to turn his hobby into his profession and so, after leaving school, he went to study at the "Codarts Circus Arts" and "ESACTO Lido" circus schools. Years of acrobatics were only endurable for Elias with a great sense of humour. It came as no surprise that he specialised further and further in clowning.

After graduating from his studies, Elias worked with "Tall Tales Company" in the Netherlands and for the "Gärtnerplatztheater" in Munich, just to name a few. Together with his buddies Christian König and Mikail Karahan, he founded the "Compagnie Wurst" and toured Europe.






For more information or requests you can contact Elias by phone or e-mail.

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